Milly Smith of QuikMed discusses business and health during the Coronavirus epidemic.

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As of mid January 2020 the entire US has been engaged in the worldwide pandemic of a new disease COVID 19, caused by the SARS – CoV-2 virus. We all have a responsibility to stay informed and follow federal, state and local guidelines in order to prevent the spread of the disease and secure our health and safety of ourselves and others.

Symptoms to look for are fever of 100.4 or above, dry cough, and shortness of breath. These symptoms can be the same for common colds, flu and other seasonal related respiratory illnesses. How can I tell if my symptoms could be related to COVID 19? If you have developed symptoms acutely, meaning recently, and the symptoms are progressively getting worse over a course of 3-5 days, please call your doctor, COVID 19 hotline (315) 755-3100, or QuikMed Urgent Care (315)785-7009.

The only way to 100% make sure you do not get sick is by following the strict guidelines that have been put forth by our leaders. We must obey the social distancing rule. It is essential that we maintain the 6ft distance between you and any other individual when you are out in public. We much avoid going anywhere and being around others if you are sick with any symptoms mentioned above. Do NOT visit with friends of family during this time. Do NOT allow outsider visitors enter your home, that is, visiting family that are travelling to see you. You should NOT travel anywhere until the “stay at home” recommendations are lifted. Wash your hands as frequently as possible. This means anytime you transfer from outdoors to indoors or vice verse, before you eat, after you eat, after you clean. Washing your hands and keeping them away from your face (eyes, nose, and mouth) will prevent the transfer of any possible infectious agent. If you do not have access to soap and water use a hand sanitizer.

If you or your children are sick, stay home and contact your medical provider. If someone in your household tests positive for COVID 19, quarantine the entire family. Keep the infected family member isolated in one room in the house and all other members should keep their distance. Self-quarantine lasts for 14 days, which means that all family members will have to observe the 14 days quarantine. If you are elderly, if you have a weak immune system or an underlying medical condition that could put you at an increased risk of having a negative outcome if infected with COVID 19; stay home and do not go out in public. Have other family members help out with groceries, meals or any other required needs.

 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Please go to the following Center for Disease Control link: