A Comfortable and Better Way to Urgent Care

We deliver exceptional care in a home-like environment where patients come for medical care but feel like they are visiting a friend.

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A Better Way to Heal

Mission Statement:

QuikMed Urgent Care strives to provide quick, competent, and friendly urgent medical services to our local and surrounding communities.

Meet Our Team

Milly Smith, PA-C
Milly Smith, PA-C

Milly is the Chief PA and Practice Manager for QuikMed Urgent Care since opening In March 2006.  She received her BS in Physician Assistant Studies from Harlem Hospital Physician Assistant Program/ Sophie Davis Medical Program/Columbia University.  She has practiced medicine in Watertown, NY since 1996.  She has worked in various areas of medicine, that include, House Staff PA for inpatient medical/surgical service, Emergency Room, outpatient primary care clinics, and correctional facilities. In addition, she has hospital case management experience and earned a Master's degree in Hospital Administration.

Carrie Guga, PA-C
Carrie Guga, PA-C

Carrie is a Senior PA that has been a colleague at QuikMed Urgent Care since  March of 2006.  She received her BS in Physician Assistant Studies from LeMoyne College in 2003.  Prior to joining QuikMed, Carrie worked in primary care for Carthage Area Hospital.  She has 12 years of urgent care medicine experience and is well respected as a Physician Assistant in Watertown and its surrounding communities.

Finding a Better Way for Urgent Care

Our practice manager, Milly Smith, PA-C, says, “After working in the emergency room for eight years, I realized that there could be a quicker, faster, and more efficient way to delivering care to patients with urgent needs. I learned that patients who are acutely ill want to be seen quickly, receive their care, pick up their prescriptions, and then head home to rest. The average wait in an emergency room is two hours. I decided to create a model that would minimize wait time for patients while maximizing patient care and treatment plans. I wanted to create a home-like environment where patients would come into a medical office but feel like they were visiting a friend's home. I wanted patients to feel like their concerns were being heard and addressed accordingly, instead of feeling ignored and disappointed. I wanted to create a productive work environment that was conducive to learning, listening, and treating patients with respect and importance. In the past 12 years, I have achieved all of my goals and my urgent care work model has been very successful.”

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